Antje Schäfer | Portland, OR


Coming to the US from Germany at the age of twelve, Antje grew up with her feet constantly in more than one culture. her passion for movement to music has been a prime connector to spirit and source of joy, as well as a gateway to finding connection to others in community. As her bi-cultural upbringing ignited the desire to strive for deeper understanding and communion with all humans, dance has revealed itself as a perfect parallel to life in this diverse world.

Through discovering blues and fusion partner dance in 2012, Antje became exposed to a whole new level of connection made possible through movement. Awe-inspired, she envisioned the first Connexus, a day-long conscious partner dance event, which she and Wren  co-produced six months later. Her  focus is on how the dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal co-creation, discovery, and appreciation. Antje and Wren are perennial favorites at Om fusion.