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Austin Hunt | Seattle, WA 

Instructor & DJ

Austin Hunt is a dance instructor, DJ, and organizer best known for his work and innovation in the field of micro, as well as the creation of the State Street Fusion project (2014-2017) in Bellingham, WA. After the completion of the State Street Fusion project, he continued his dance career as a freelance dance instructor and began pursuing his greatest passion: the understanding and building of human connection.


He currently trains/travels/practices in West Coast Swing and has had taken notable dance instructor under Hailee (Vaughan) Hargis, among a variety of many other dance professionals in the field of WCS. His classes and teaching style pulls from his extensive acting training (of which he received a Degree in Theatre Performance at WWU) which includes Grotowski Method, Stanislavski Method, and Suzuki as well as the many hours he has dedicated to honing his craft.