Emmanuel "Izzy" Gambliel

Emmanuel "Izzy" Gambliel | Seattle, WA 

Host & DJ

Izzy started off as a solo dancer for many years, with training in everything from hip hop to belly dancing. He later completed a minor in Dance at the University of Washington,

where he was inspired by Argentine Tango, Salsa, and Lindy Hop. While at school, he studied a variety of multi-cultural dances, with an emphasis on both dance history, health and anatomy, and performance training, and also performed with the UW Tango Club.

He has taken his love for musicality and improv by incorporating all of these techniques into his Fusion dancing. He hopes to bring more passion to Fusion by staying involved with the music and the people who form the community and has been a regular dancer in the Tango and Fusion scenes across the Pacific Northwest. 

5 songs Izzy is currently in love with:

Jocelyn Alice - Jackpot
Aterciopelados - El Estuche 

The Rigs - Rise and Fall

Feki and Glasshouse - Retrograde 

Razorlight - When Doves Cry