Orville Zharoff

Orville Zharoff | Seattle, WA 

Instructor & DJ


Orville has been a practitioner and teacher of various partner movement styles for a long time.  Modalities including Lindy Hop, Blues, Traditional Ballroom, Cheerleading, and Acro to name some of the major ones.  Sharing his passion and insights on movement is a genuine pleasure.  Seeing people's "Ah Ha!" moments when they learn new bits or ways of making old bits new again is a part of what makes teaching so much fun.  Learn, grow, share, repeat.


Orville's current top 5 jams

I Feel A Sin Comin' On - Pistol Annies

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer

Honky Tonk Woman - Taj Mahal

Mississippi Freestylin - Slow Train Soul

Back Back Train - Aerosmith