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DJ Tips with Jo Ann Coker & Emily Smith, Part 2: Playlists

Emily and I are excited to bring you a second DJ class. This one is on Playlists. We are limiting the class to 15 people this time so we can focus on individual questions and playlists.

You had so many great questions for us last time that we didn't have time to go over everyone's playlists. We'll do that in this one. Here's what to prepare for class.

1. Homework - Create a playlist ahead of time for a specific Seattle venue of your choosing. ex Blues Underground, Om Fusion, Century Ballroom, etc.

2. Playlist Length -Choose how long of a set to create according to the venue and time slot you choose. For example, if you are prepping a set to DJing Swing at Century Ballroom, that would be 3 hours, since there is only 1 DJ. Do your homework on your venues. :)

3. Add your questions to the spreadsheet.

4. Please be on time. If you are unable to do so, send us a message.

DJ Emily Smith

Emily primarily DJs Blues, but has experience with Lindy and Fusion.

DJ Jo Ann Coker

Jo Ann DJs Lindy, Balboa, Blues and Fusion.

We need to know how many people to plan for so we strongly encourage signing up in advance. Sign up on the spreadsheet by March 9th to let us know you are coming.

Please pay in advance to hold your spot. Suggested Donation $15 All levels welcome and no experience necessary.

Follow up this class with the blues-specific DJ class and amateur DJ night at Blues Underground

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