Reeva Bradley | Oakland, CA



Joyfully moving her body to music at every opportunity, Reeva is a natural dancer. Ballet and jazz were her early stepping stones to her discovery of Argentine tango and Blues in 2009. As an experienced musician, she finds adventure in every song, bringing the music alive in her movement. Reeva dances to connect and create conversation with others, in both leading and following, and avidly switches between roles. Based in Oakland, CA, she wears multiple hats as dancer, teacher, DJ, and organizer, working to support and give back to her community.

As an instructor, Reeva brings both creativity and heart to her classes. She teaches clear communication to help partners work together and exchange ideas. With warmth and humor, Reeva emphasizes dance technique, inspiring her students to stretch and grow as dancers. You’ll find her teaching classes throughout the Bay Area, as well as at events and venues across the U.S.