Tory Gobat

Tory Gobat  | Seattle, WA 


Tory has been partner dancing since 2010 when the fusion scene was just starting out in Philadelphia.  While blues dancing was her first love, she also explored  Latin dances, lindy hop, west coast swing, kizomba, tango and zouk. Fusion quickly stole her heart soon after. 


As a DJ, she finds a special joy in sharing with a room full of dancers the music that inspires her to express and connect.  Tory strives to continue pushing the boundaries of music we dance to in every one of her sets!  She loves DJing in her Seattle community and beyond.

Tory is excited about thee songs: 

H.E.R. - Lights On

The Sweeplings - Carry Me Home

The New Respects - Trouble

Alpines - Completely

Moss Kena feat. Jay Prince - 48

PC: Forrest Bourke